Boy Scout Troop 617 | Loveland Ohio Symmes Twp

Campout Procedures


Campouts are planned 6 months in advance. Now is the time to look over the troop schedule listed on the CALENDAR webpage. Learn about upcoming campouts. Ask your troop leaders if you have questions. Compare the schedule to your family calendar. Making the decision on whether to go on a campout will be easier if you consider this information ahead of time.

The regular troop meeting held two weeks before the campout is the deadline for:

  1. Letting your Patrol Leader know you are going on the campout.
  2. Paying camping fees that cover travel and camp sites (if any). Not all campouts require a fee to be paid but if there is it’s typically $5.00 to $10.00.  This doesn’t include purchase of Patrol food.
  3. Deciding which member of your patrol is responsible for buying food (see below).

It is important to adhere to these deadlines. Troop leaders need to know how many campsites to reserve and often have to send payments in advance. They also need to know how many drivers will be needed.

Preparing for a Campout


  1. The troop provides tents, stoves and other gear used by your patrol. You will provide your bedding and other personal gear.
  2. A handout sometimes is passed out especially if we have just received a group of new Scouts. General information about the campout can usually be found on the CALENDAR webpage, along with a generic list of what to bring.
  3. If you do not have everything you need, the troop can usually help out with loaners.

Each patrol provides its own food. A week before the campout the patrol will decide on a menu and will pick a member to buy the food. Patrol members will take turns buying the food. The cost of the food is divided equally among the patrol members who go on the campout. Food costs are typically $10.00 to $15.00 per scout. This is in addition to any camping fees.

Scout purchasing food needs to get a firm OK or the money up front for food.  Scout is to pay their portion for the food cost if they don’t go. Your portion of the food cost is paid to the person who buys it. You must pay no later than the night of the Shakedown.

Shakedown (this is a cool word that simply means loading the trailer)

On the meeting date before the campout, the troop meets at the Eagle’s Nest to prepare the patrol boxes and load equipment into the trailer.

Directions to the Eagle’s Nest: (coming soon)

Off We Go

The troop usually leaves Friday evening at around 6:00 and returns there on Sunday. If a specific time of arrival cannot be determined in advance, a phone tree will be arranged to notify families when the troop is near.

We need you be on time to pick up your Scout or make other arrangements.  After being away from home, our leaders will be anxious to return to the rest of their family.  So please be kind and considerate.

When the troop returns everyone must stay and help until all the gear is properly put away.

If tents are wet you may be asked to take one home to care for. Set it up or hang it up until it is thoroughly dry. Return it at the next troop meeting.

Class A uniforms must be worn when the troop is traveling.

Rules for Campouts

If you decide not to go at the last minute, fees will not be refunded.

We ask that there is no coming and going but if a game means that you can’t camp, we will be flexible.  Please don’t make it a habit.  We need the manpower to set up camp on Friday and take down on Sunday.  No one is to leave before the equipment is put away.

Summer Camp – No one is to come and go at summer camp.  Once you are there, you are there.  It is a great opportunity for the boys to strengthen friendship and for the new scouts and old scouts to become acquainted  With this many Scouts it is not practical to keep track of everyone if they leave for games, birthday parties, etc.

Buddy System. Never go off alone. Always stay with a buddy.

Leave no trace. While we are camping we are the guests of others. We will show respect in the way we behave and in the way we treat other peoples’ property.

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