Boy Scout Troop 617 | Loveland Ohio Symmes Twp

Flying Pig Marathon Fundraiser

Adults and Scouts,
We are less than one month away!

The Troop has been given the chance to be part of the support staff for the Flying Pig Marathon on May 3rd.  The Flying Pig Marathon is a big event for this city and is well known to athletes across the country.  It takes hundreds of dedicated volunteers to make this event run smoothly.  They are in need of 20 volunteers to be “Bridge Sweepers” for a 1-mile stretch of the race between 6-8am Sunday morning.  In exchange, the Flying Pig Marathon will donate $350 to the participating scouts of Troop 617.

For those not familiar, the weather is fairly cool on race morning and participants tend to be overdressed as they stand around waiting to begin.  As the athletes begin to warm up during the race, they start to discard the extra clothing along the sides of the road.  It would be our job to collect and bag the clothing, which will eventually be donated to a local charity.  Keep in mind that, with almost 40,000 people competing over the weekend, the amount of clothing collected can be significant.  It’s also a lot of fun to cheer on the runners as they pass.

More details (such as car-pooling, etc.) will follow but is important that I hear back from all that are interested in participating in a timely manner.  I know this is a bit early in the day but this job would be a first step in partnering with this event.  Please let me know ASAP.  Again, the service would be on Sunday, May 3rd from 6-8am.

Attached is a copy of the signup sheet for this event.  After I hear from you, I can help get you registered with the Flying Pig organization.

Sign Up Here:

Event: Sunday, May 3, 2015 from 6AM – 8AM.

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