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New System for Event Registration

Dear Scouts, Families, and Leaders,

In an effort to help better organize our Troop and utilize the built in functionality of TroopMaster, we are rolling out a new procedure to register for upcoming camp outs, and events.  As with all new procedures, there may be some things that may not work exactly as planned, or other unanticipated tweaks that we may need to implement.  Please work with us as we move forward.  I have provided a short set of instructions in the attached file with screen shots to help you navigate the system.

Our upcoming Bike &Canoe camp out on Aug 22-24 will be the first event that  will use this system.  There will be a flyer emailed to you in a separate email with additional details.  Please read the instructions and try to register as soon as possible.

I also realize that many of you may have forgotten your username or password (instructions on how to get to the TroopMaster website are in the file linked below).  the best way for me to help you in this case is for you to send me an email – I will need to go into  TroopMaster and have the system send you your information.  This may also be a good time for you to make sure that ALL your information in TroopMaster is correct.

Instructions for TroopMaster Event Registration >

Thank you in advance for your patience and help in trying to improve our procedures.

– Sal Zabbatino

Posted in Camping, Misc on July 31, 2014.

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