Boy Scout Troop 617 | Loveland Ohio Symmes Twp

Electronics Weekend

  • Electronics Weekend Dec 2-3

    Bring all your electroinc goodies for a non-stop free for all. The fun begins Friday night and lasts all night long! Please make sure that if you do bring xbox or playstations games to leave the “M” games home.

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  • Electronics Weekend – December 3 & 4

    It’s that time of year again, time to barricade ourselves into the church basement and play some games all night. Please keep in mind watch the age level of the game as we have scouts of various ages. We will also be having elections on the 4th so if you want to run for a […]

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  • Electronics Weekend – December 4 – 5

    Just to let everyone know that the much anticipated event of the year is back, and for only $22 you can spend the entire night camping out at Northeast Community Church showing off your gaming skills.

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