Boy Scout Troop 617 | Loveland Ohio Symmes Twp

Troop PLC – Winter to Summer

Here’s everything decided on at the Troop PLC:


  • Troop will set up Peterloon tents and shelters the Thursday before Peterloon.
  • We will get First Class requirement 3 (Build a useful camp gadget using lashings)  done during Peterloon for anybody who needs it.


  • Conservation hours will be available at the Thanksgiving campout for all who need it.


  • A Court of Honor may be present during the December electronics weekend campout, focusing on Rank Advancement.


  • We will be doing a day trip to Zip Line some time in January, along with another possible day trip such as Rock-Quest


  • Possible rock climbing campout at Camp Friedlander


  • Red River Gorge


  • Lake Canoe Campout


  • High Adventure Campout
  • ACE Adventure Campout – Multi Adventure



  • Rank advancement will be pushed more during the next months,  in meetings and campouts.
  • Younger patrols may be split up for a campout to focus on cooking advancements that they need for higher ranks.
  • Campouts and meetings may have a certain advancement to focus on during the time period.
  • Senior scouts will vote on a merit badge to do together.
  • Next PLC planned for Spring
Posted in Camping, Meetings, Patrol Leader Council on September 2, 2019.

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